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Mori Condo – An upcoming Oasis in a Singapore Geylang

MORI is conveniently located near the Mountbatten Dakota and Aljunied MRT stations, which are less than a ten-minute walk away. Mori Condominium is located 0.64 kilometers (7 minutes) from the Aljunied MRT station.

Mori residents have access to a range of eateries and cafes throughout the neighborhood. Additionally, there are numerous recreational and shopping choices at Mori’s Region 1 MRT Station.

MORI passengers would appreciate the seamless link between Mountbatten streets and the East Coast Major Expressway (KPE) and PIE (ECP), both located within a 6-minute walk of Mountbatten’s MRT station.

Nearby MRT station


MORI Molek Condominium Development District 14 is a 137-unit residential project comprising a five-story and an eight-story structure. The maximum gross floor area of the building is 103,967 square feet, with a plot ratio of 2.8. The amenities include a swimming pool, playground, outdoor fitness center, lounge, BBQ area, and gyms. Mori Condo is located near Mountbatten MRT Station.

It is a development in Capitaland City’s metropolitan region. It includes nine residential towers with 680 residential units, a newly constructed three-story shopping center with retail shops, childcare, a supermarket, and access to shopping and school buses, among other amenities.

Lorong 24 in Geylang is the development’s address, which is close to the Dakota MRT Station. Dunearn 386 New Novena View, Kismi and Fvye Derbyshire, Wilshire Residences, Derbyshire are recent developments in Singapore.

Mori, located on Guillemard Road, are Roxy Pacific’s newest condominium development in District 14. Mori Condo is the newest premium condominium development on GuilleMard Road in District 14. It features 1-4 bedroom flats that cater to the interests and desires of first-time home buyers and wealthy investors.

MORI intends to build a residential complex with 137 residential units and a maximum gross floor area of 114,365 square feet based on URA’s Master Plan 2019.


Guillemard Road, Jalan Molek Singapore RL East Private Limited is the developer. Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited will develop a residential complex and recreational facilities in District 14 condominium with 137 units. Mori is a brand residential condominium developed by RL East Pte at 217-223A GuilleMard Road (1-21A Jalan) in District 14. Roxy Pacific’s new luxury condominium in Geylang, Mori Condo, is located on Guilleman Road.

New Novena, Fvye, Derbyshire, Wilshire Residences, and Dunearn are among recent developments in Singapore. On the other hand, these include the Arena Residences, Neu Novella, FVye, Derbyshire (Dunearn), and Wilshire Residences.

The new condos are flanked by several well-known monuments, including the Singapore Sports Hub, the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the Water Sports Centre, the Aquatic Centre, and the Kallang Theatre.

The Mori Condo location in Singapore is conveniently located near numerous amenities, including the Paya Lebar Shopping Centre. It houses three of Singapore’s major shopping malls, the Kallangs Wave Mall, and the City Plaza Sports Centre, which features affordable wholesale fashion and the historic Airport Road Hawkers.

MORI is a brand new residential development located in the 14th district at 217 Guillemard Road 223A, 1-21A Jalan Molek with a total floor area of 3,450 m 2, a maximum floor area of 103,967 m 2, and a land ratio of 2.8 percent.

It is the next commercial property to be renovated under the URA Master Plan in 2019, and the area is bordered by Geylang Road Lorong 22, Guillesmard Road Lorong 4, and Geylang.

Acquistion by Roxy Pacific

In November 2020, RL East, a subsidiary of Roxy Pacific Group, acquired 15 contiguous two-story townhouses at 217-323 Guillemards Road, 1-21 Jalan Mori for $9.3 million, totaling 37,131 square feet.

Meanwhile, developer RL East Pte Ltd has been granted permission to develop portions five and eight of the multi-story flat building’s 137 units. Roxy owns 15 townhomes in the development’s Guillesmard condominium, which sold for $9.3 million.

Mori Molek Condominiums is a gated complex located at 217-223A Guillemard Road and 1-21A Jalan Molek in District 14. Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited, which is a subsidiary of Roxy Pacific Ltd. The development spans 3,450 square feet.

A good view

About developer

Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited, which began trading on the Singapore Exchange on 12 March 2008, is a developer and seller of residential, commercial, and real estate projects.

Between 2004 and 2017, the business developed and constructed 44 small to medium-sized residential and commercial properties in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia, totaling more than 4,300 residential and commercial units.

Roxy is a well-known name in real estate development, specializing in small to mid-sized residential developments such as apartments and condominiums aimed at the middle to upper middle income bracket.

Health City Novena, a Singapore-designed health centre located close to Woodleigh MRT Station, will feature over 50 world-class facilities, including a massage pool, reflexology alcove, pool bar, and tennis courts.

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Review Of New Launch Portal, The Best Place To Find Singapore’s New Condos

Hello investors! Today I will be featuring a portal that features Singapore’s latest new launches. I have used many websites to find my new place of residence and with investing in mind, going for new launch condos is the best way to go. New Launch Portal ( is an online property portal launched on 2013, providing a centralised platform for investors and home seekers to search for new condos.

New Launch Portal, a new mobile app from Singapore entrepreneur Keaven lee, lets homeowners, proprietors and estate agents post properties for rent or sale. Users can create and manage property “profiles” and store information such as value and investment performance – all available in the app. There is also a live chat feature that allows users to talk to potential buyers, owners, agents or tenants in real-time.

There are many opportunities for the online community in this area. Sites like PropertyGuru, for example, only allow private agents to post their properties for a price. OrangeTee launched a website last year that provides home listings and event histories, and “ratings” for agents. Favourite e-marketplace app Carousell has a property listings segment that homeowners and agencies can use for free, but the listings aren’t as extensive or detailed.

Mr Lee said New Launch Portal has the edge over sites such as PropertyGuru because it can allow properties that are not yet ready to be sold on the market. This is, for instance, for homeowners who want to test the need to assess interest but are not yet prepared to commit to a deal.

“Websites like PropertyGuru have achieved a great deal in Singapore to transform the print classifieds trade toward an online classifieds industry, and apps similar to Carousell are performing well to benefit from this trend. However, we feel that the method of only offering “current listings” is an outdated model as it only considers properties “on the market” and ignores all other potential estate deals out there,” Lui said.

“New Launch Portal’s platform can bring many more features online, whether they’re trading, renting or just involved in the market, giving more choice to buyers and tenants looking for their ideal property.”

In response, real estate agents interviewed said they concentrate on their strengths and give homeowners, such as their professional knowledge of different communities in Singapore, and pointed out that listings online or on apps typically only provide the basic facts.

Mr Jeff Foo, president of the Institute of Estate Agents, said, “Estate agents are facing the use of such portals. PropertyGuru imposes too much, and this app enables homeowners to bypass agents.”

He added: “From an estate agent’s point of view, it’s about individual service. Technology can be a great tool, but it can solely do so much. These portals … Can’t tell you certain things about the property and the area that agents can contribute through their experience.”

Mr Foo also warned homeowners not to be “intelligent and silly” when dealing with listings through such programs.

Mr Eugene Lim, executive of ERA Realty Network, thinks most people do not possess the time to handle the whole process themselves without an agent. “(That’s why) you pay agencies to help you sell your house for the highest possible price in the most concise possible time,” he emphasised.

Analysts maintained such portals, with their capacities, could provide greater competition for house agents. Real estate analyst Colin Tan of Suntec Real Estate, for example, said a portal like New Launch Portal offers more opportunity for homeowners to easily search the new launches they are looking for.

“I guess, like LinkedIn, you say I’m not actively searching for a job, but if there are openings, reach out to me and tell me about it, I’ll consider it and let you know if I’m interested in seeking it,” he said New Launch Portal will be the equivalent of real estate.”

The downside, he said, denotes that users “may be overwhelmed with more and extra ‘noise’ from agents rather than real buyers.”

The disruption generated by digital technology and DIY transactions has prompted several agents and estate agencies to get out of the game. As of 1st jan of this year, there were 1,287 licensed real estate agents and 28,398 registered real estate brokers, according to statistics from the Council for Estate Agencies. This is down from 2015 when there were 1,368 agencies and 30,831 agents.

Last week, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) started a new portal to cut the execution time for resale HDB flats by half as more buyers transact without an agent. While only 12 per cent of buyers and sellers administered their transactions themselves in 2010, the proportion of buyers and sellers using an agency has increased.

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How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

When I talk to some of my wealthiest clients who have substantial rental portfolios, it becomes clear that none of them makes the majority of their wealth in rental real estate. Instead, they invest in rental real estate to diversify their income streams and grow their wealth faster. None of my wealthy clients uses rental real estate as a means to build their immense fortunes.

They have sales jobs that allow them to increase their income. They work their way up to higher-paying jobs with stock options. They start running and selling businesses or multiple businesses at the same time. Investing in rentals is of secondary importance when it comes to building a large fortune in other ways. Real investors build tremendous wealth with rental properties.

Nonetheless, the appreciation and rise in property prices over time are why most wealth is invested in real estate. It’s also why you hear about “home runs” and why people make large sums of money. Prices fluctuate, but in the long run, home prices go up, and there’s no reason to think that will change or change. For people with cash flow, the market doesn’t matter.

The solution to using inflation to build wealth through real estate is that most of your most significant expenses (mortgages and property taxes) are locked in for most of the time you own a property. When you combine that with rising rents, home values, and inflation, you see great results.

In this post, we explain how to build wealth through real estate investing. There is a huge learning curve, but there is also a considerable margin for error. To get started, you need two valuable resources: time and money.

Investing in real estate can diversify your investment portfolio. However, there are many ways to increase wealth through various forms of real estate investing. In this article, we will focus on how to earn money in real estate in different ways.

Investing in real estate like apartment buildings is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and increase your rental income. It’s also a safe way to increase your cash flow, take advantage of tax benefits, and ultimately increase your long-term wealth. Being a successful real estate investor isn’t easy. However, savvy investors buy rental properties and take advantage of them when opportunities arise.

Some people think that the real estate investing journey begins with buying a property. Buying a property without doing your research first is a recipe for disaster. If you want to develop wealth through real estate, you need to do much research.

Savvy investors know how to drive the market, wait for the market cycle, invest in the local market, and invest by state. We’ll discuss more of the most popular ways to make money in real estate, including active and passive investing. Remember, knowledge is the key to using real estate as a means of wealth creation.

Policymakers have recognized the potential of real estate as a means of wealth creation, opening the door to numerous ways investors can use their capital. This article presents seven of the most popular ways to invest in real estate, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. You don’t have to be an extremely wealthy person to invest in real estate.

An investment in real estate is when you own the property outright. With direct ownership, you own a property that you rent out. You can also invest through syndication, crowdfunding, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). In this case, investors benefit from the promised interest and get a portion of the profit back when the property is sold.

Mortgage securities are an excellent real estate investment for people looking for passive income. If you are ready to earn passive income, there is a way. Instead of selling properties to other investors, invest in a real estate investment trust that holds shares in properties managed by others.

The best part is that your tenants pay you, not you. Paying off loans is how real estate investing works, and increasing your wealth through payments can get you one step closer to financial independence.

Another form of appreciation that can make you money is when you get rich. This type of appreciation comes into play through what is known as forced appreciation, where the value of a property is increased through renovations.

The second way people build wealth by investing in real estate is through cash flow. This is called passive income and is income from real estate that is greater than all expenses combined. Inflation works in your favour when you own real estate because your mortgage tends to stay the same even if your property increases in value and inflation allows you to offset the growth of your property.

If you have chosen active or passive real estate or are considering both, it is crucial to understand, at least superficially, how wealth is generated. There are various ways to make money from.

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Mortgage Loan: Property Investment In Singapore For Millennials

Home loans in Singapore are not as standard as they were a few years ago. What a big difference a few years makes. Interest rates have dropped by as much as 80 percent. The principal, or loan-to-value ratio, has remained at about 80 percent of the original purchase price. A property purchase with such a low loan-to-value ratio of 80 per cent (average is 55 per cent) has a monthly mortgage payment of about $1,900 and compound interest of about 4 per cent per month. With property prices around SG$3,000,000, we can assume that about 80 per cent of the purchase price is owed by the borrower, so the compound monthly interest rate is about 4 to 5 per cent. As we saw in the graph previously, the amount of monthly income required to cover such loan payments is very small (see the red curve); what is needed is between SG$1,000 and SG$1,500. Now, most income earners would only need to show a gross monthly turnover of SG$450,000; but this does not include the cost of paying the mortgage loan and taxes. Well, a gross turnover of more than SG mortgage loan: Singapore’s property lender takes $1.5bn hit in flawed debt probe as bank’s profit warning hits.

Property lender Landmark Property Trust said that its bad debts fell by about S$6 million last quarter after regulators investigated its operations. However, it still suffered a S$2.1 million loss for 2016, according to its latest financial results posted on Singapore Exchange.

Landmark Group shares fell 3 per cent to S$2.88 each in midday trading on Wall Street.

The regulator has yet to release full details of its investigation, which involves about 90 Landmark Group companies. Landmark Group is one of the country’s oldest banks, whose share price has lost nearly half its value in the last trading session in June this year.

However, the latest results show that Landmark Property Trust’s losses were smaller than those of its rival OCBC Private. The share price of Landmark Property fell 6.9 per cent to S$2.76 after losing nearly 11 per cent so far this year. Earlier in the year, OCBC Private lost 9 per cent.

“It is too early to tell about what impact the regulatory investigation has had or will have on our business and results for this quarter,” said a Landmark Property

Mortgage loans: It’s essential to take out a loan against the house, so you don’t have to stay in the place, which is not a good option.

Home loan: essential to take a loan to buy a house. The purpose of one is to avoid the high mortgage rates that can be very high in some countries.

Credit cards: the primary purpose is to be able to use them. Sometimes they are helpful for emergencies. In other cases, they can be beneficial in paying off debts. Credit cards are also used to buy things and also to travel.

Savings: Money that you don’t want to spend. To put it in safe investments. A good example is with shares. You invest $1000 with a brokerage firm run by professionals for 7 years. You get an income of $13,000 from this investment. That means $13,000 is worth $13,000. You don’t want to spend it on luxuries. It can also be the reason why you don’t have money for travel.

Taxes: you have to pay a certain amount of taxes. A good example is the amount spent on a surcharge, which is relatively high. The government charges more from everyone.

Debt: Debts are good if you know how to managed it wisely

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Simple Interior Design Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Real Estate Property

A mirror is one of the best decorating pieces to increase the depth of a room and give the illusion of a larger space. Using mirrors allows you to make your room look bigger than it should be.

If you are brave enough to have a different home, glass shelves are one of the excellent design features you should try. With these two innovative pieces of furniture, you can do just that. You have one or more book collections and space at home.

If you own a swimming pool, it would be a shame to waste time diving. I think it’s romantic to have a house in the woods, with windows on the walls and chimneys. You can enjoy the natural scenery while creating a beautiful space. An oversized sofa in aqua colour on the same wall as the big TV will bring you comfort, and it can be used not only in the living room of the house but also in the cinema, which is a great room to invite your friends. A reading corner can be integrated with a bookshelf to keep and store books.

The outdoor movie theatre in the backyard is one of my favourite ideas, and this innovative concept allows you to watch your favourite movies outside in the backyard. I have learned that when the image of nature is so present in every room of your home, it is essential to respect the established rules and your imagination to generate the best interior design ideas.

Creating a unique interior design style is not only reserved for wealthy and artistic people. Think back to when you visited a house where every room was beautifully decorated, and the owner combined different interior design styles to create his interior theme that reflected his personality, hobbies and memories.

Scandinavian interior design is one of the most accessible styles of contemporary interior design to master and consists of a well-balanced mix of elements. Splashes of colour come from art and custom textiles like small throws and rugs. Many interior design trends follow this style, but this is one design movement worth mentioning before we get into the fulls.

Homeowners like to experiment with new interior design styles and mix different interior design styles. They are breaking the rules about what types of activities can take place in which rooms. Shrinking living space makes such changes in approach to interior design contemporary and practical. These shifts in perspective have fueled the growth of cool interiors that embody different tastes and personalities of homeowners.

Unusual and innovative wall decorating ideas are designed to make living rooms feel like home. People want living spaces with unique wall decorations that are meaningful and personal. Creative wall decor ideas show a strong desire for self-expression and create intimate and original interior designs.

The modern interior design reflects our preferences like never before. Modern decorating ideas bring fascinating and innovative solutions to exciting trends in contemporary interior design. As society changes, interior design trends are those that reflect aspects of a changing lifestyle.

Glass is one of the most useful architectural and design elements with immense power that has dominated interiors of all eras and styles for years with a great blend of uniqueness, subtlety and class. Continuous glass work transforms many old and uninteresting interiors into a more pleasant and charming appearance. From furniture with flexible glass shapes and designs, walls covered with glass to view the outside world, ceilings with glass designs, floors and walls patterned with colourful glass block inserts, all bring joy and beauty to unique interior designs and spaces.

Feng Shui is not limited to how you set up your facility. Instead, it is a philosophy that creates balance in your home, harmony and a sense of calm in your daily life. If you want to create a rich but pared down interior for your home and are inspired by Asian and Zen design styles, this is the direction for you because Asian or Zen interiors are all about minimal layers.

The German Bauhaus style came from the concept of combining functional and beautiful furniture. The wabi-sabi element encourages people to embrace beauty and imperfection to add a little personality to a space that might otherwise seem cold and austere. The Wassily Chair, the lamp-adorned Bauhaus table, and the Walter Gropius chair are classic examples of this style.

Try dedicating a small room to a particular style and decorate the rest of the room accordingly. Set up the space in your desired style and live it for a week or two. Then go back to step 1 and set out to find your perfect, unique living style. Now you’re ready to decorate the rest of your room—a reading nook in the bedroom, a side table in the bathroom, a sink, etc.

Imagine how cool it would be to have a birdcage on the table with animal heads peeking out. Find excellent and appropriate containers to create your indoor garden. Living wall planters, wall planters or even small table pots can bring freshness to your home. A room is like a happy fairy tale where Princess Pride is private.

Some unusual home designs manage to leave me speechless. Here are some of them that I would love to have in my home. If you are building your own house, save these photos and get inspired by them.

Artisan homes have handmade pendant lights, chandeliers, table lamps and hand-blown glass vases. The entire process is done by hand with meticulous care, and each piece of furniture and light fixture is the closest thing to the original. The same goes for the light fixtures, which are also one-of-a-kind pieces.

Danish style interiors are excellent, clean and never cluttered. Danish furniture has clean lines and details that keep the focus on function and style. Lamps in crisp white tones are elegant bases placed anywhere in the home and lit with a monochromatic colour palette. Chairs and tables are the focal points of the room, with few other decorative pieces.

Natural wood and stone can be used throughout the home. Furniture can be large square or rectangular pieces, like chairs and sofas that sit on the floor. Outside, elements such as rock gardens, fountains, ferns, bonsai and bamboo can be used. Sliding doors can also be used to create a seamless transition from one room to the next.

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